Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hunting-- The golden pond .

When your young you have few worries about life and the future. As you grow older you begin taking on the world and it's problems. When you get in your 40's you begin thinking about your retirement and what you want to do with the rest of your life. Me, I'm 48 years old and have been thinking about retirement for some time now and I know what I want if God will permit it to happen for me.For the past 10 years now my wife and I have been wanting to buy a large tract of acreage (approx. 100 -500 acres ) mostly all wooded and build a small log home with a barn and horses, plant crops for the deer and other wild game and live quite lives in the wild by ourselves as the pioneers did. Unfortunately the problem is finding the right place and funding such an idea. That's why I started this posting thing was to make money but it just isn't working for me but I'll still continue to post cause I find it enjoyable and who knows maybe one day I'll find my way to "The Golden Pond" that I'm looking for and everything will become my hunters dreamworld before my time is up here on Gods great earth. Hunting is my life next to my wife and together we'll still have a wonderful life together in our own little world we've created for ourselves. Whatever happens we'll still continue hunting "The Golden Pond" that we dream of for ourselves and so shouldn't you.

Scents and Attractants

Though I won't go into great detail on any of the scents or attractants of today's hunters I would like to give just a short comment on the use of them for all practical purposes. Many of the scents and attractants out there today only work if used properly and in the right areas. You have to have deer in the area you are hunting for any of these to work for you. If there are few deer in your hunting area chances are you may have a long wait for you scents or attractants to work the way they are made too. You can lay down a scent trail for that big buck your hunting but if the deer aren't moving due to weather or the moon phase then your chances of getting your buck into shooting position are drastically reduced. Don't get me wrong there are alot of really good scents and attractants out there that work really good and you'll see alot of shows on the television that will show just that but you have to remember the people on television using these products are in an area where there are alot of bucks for the taking and their scouting has already been done for them. My choice of attractants and scents would be VS1 as it is pure and straight from a live deer no chemicals but it is alittle bit expensive. VS1 can only be purchased off the Internet and quantities are limited so if this is your choice get it while supplies last early in the season.