Friday, February 29, 2008

Condo Deerstand

A friend of mine that i've hunted with for years now sent this to me via email and told me he had been working on a new deer stand since mid-june. Now what he told me was that he had found a place with so many deer signs that he didn't quite know where to put his stand so he thought up this convienent stand just to be on the safe side and be able to cover every possible route. What I couldn't figure out was why it took him so long to put up his stand until I recieved his email then everything became very clear to me. As you can see from the photo below he has all the comforts of home and then some. What else could you ask for in a deer stand other then to open the door and invite them to come in a watch tv with you. I think this may be something he found on the internet though and not his actuall stand. You tell me would you hunt from this thing? Is this even legal? I really don't know about this.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Squirrel Season closes

I've been off work for the last 2 days now and was hoping to be able to go squirrel hunting one last time before the season closes. February 29th is the closing day of the squirrel season in Tennessee and also the last day before hunting license expire. I got up this morning to a winter wonderland of new snowfall ( about 3 inches) on the ground so I've decided to enter a new post and leave a few comments today . I been feeling alittle sick lately so I didn't want to get out in the weather and make things worst. All the seasons close the 29th(Friday) but that's okay cause that just means that our new hunting seasons are just getting started and I for one am looking forward to this years hunting seasons. I like to wish everyone a great year this year in all their hunting adventures and hope they have a prosperous one for whatever they are hunting. Rabbit stew might be a good fare for the table tonight with the new snow they should be everywhere and hold up in brush piles. Maybe I'll give them a shot at the dinner table.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Turkey Season's Coming Quick

Turkey seasons coming so get your guns out and dust them off,grab your turkey calls and practice your calling,get your maps out and pick the perfect place and don't forget to ask for time off from work or from the spouse unless their goning too. These old birds are some hard critters to take but if your lucky enough to get a shot you must be doing something right.Most people get just lucky enough to get one into view then something happens and the whole flock is gone in a flash without even so much as given you a second look. These birds are sly and cunning animals and have the know how to survive. They have out-witted some of the best hunters in the world, but if you pull out all the tricks in your turkey knowledge bag( your brain ) then you might just get the trophy you've wanted on your wall. One of the best tricks I seen yet is a decoy used by Knight & Hale on television to take even the most cunning of wild turkeys. It's a decoy call " pretty boy " and man does it ever work well, especially if your in a ground blind where they can't see any movement. The decoy can be purchased with or without the " pretty girl " submissive hen but believe me if you want that old tom to come in running to you get yourself the pretty boy and the pretty girl set and keep your gun or bow ready. Have a great time in the woods this spring and please everyone be very carefull and safe out there this season. You can find the pretty boy decoys at and sells for around $129.00 for the set.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Website Up and Running.

Just a note to let everyone know my third website is up and running and anybody wanting to add it to your website is welcome to. I will be adding everyones link to the site under some link topic before long.Here is the website url for anyone interested in checking it out, just remember it's not completely finished yet.

Shed Antlers.

Okay folks, the deer hunting season is closed now so lets get down to nexts years deer season. The best way to locate that big buck you just never could see but always knew was there is to get out and hunt for his shed antlers.First let me give you some tips and pointers for hunting sheds. 1. Sheds are tough to spot in harsh sunlight so use the cloudy days to hunt sheds. 2. Rainy days are great for hunting sheds cause wet antlers shine. 3. Search for sheds as soon as the snows melt but before the weeds and spring grasses grow up to hide the sheds. 4. Check thinly wooded areas where cattle and other herd animals graze the grass low for easy shed locating. 5. Begin looking for sheds across open fields around the edges of the fields and then begin following the deer trials back into the woods and even into the bedding areas where the bigger bucks stay during the hunting season. 6. Last and most important thing to shed hunting is to wear soft soled boots which makes it easier to feel a heavy shed if you step on one you don't see. When you find a shed antler take note of the location and look around for rubs and scrapes. Finding a shed with lots of rubs and scrapes is an ideal place to set up a stand for next years hunt and the woods are still bear which will make it easier to pick out just the right stand site. Now that your loaded with a few tips to finding shed antlers get out, get started, and enjoy the woods we love to play in.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bored and MY Hunting Books

Well I got alittle bored this evening watching tv so I dug out some of my old hunting book issues and started revamping my thoughts for some new writing material.Give me a day or two and I should be able to come up with something to write about that everyone will like( I hope ).Until then I'll just continue to comment on everyone elses writings. I'm thinking of adding a new site on Fishing which will cover tips, tricks, baits,experiences I had and probably lots of links and ads. Until then everyone keep writing and I'll let everyone know if and when it's up and running.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bud and the Weekend

Another weekend come and gone and I was actually off work this weekend. Though I didn't get alot accomplished I did enjoy sitting around home watching tv with the wife just relaxing after a very tense week at work which I almost quit. My dog ( bud )I fear is about to die on us which will be devastating especially to my wife who has been very attached to him since we got him in 1994 as a pup. He has lost weight for the past 4 weeks now, won't eat anything except can food then throws it up as soon as he gets done eatting and has become nothing but skin and bones and can hardly get up to eat. I haven't been able to find him today so tommorrow morning I'll have to get out and look everywhere for him and probably dig his gravesite in preparations for his death. Anyway I was able to add a few of my lost links back and add some new ones that I didn't have before to both my sites. I also done some changes to my ads and will be working more on the sites as time permmits me too. For now my writings are struggling for a topic and infor to write on due to my writing time frame but as it has been in the past that to will pick back up and everything will return to normal. For now my concentration will be on my wife and our dog.