Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Obligations With A Challenge Issued.

In the past several weeks I've visited several websites posting articles about deleting links that are no longer in operation or not functioning properly. As writers of the world we have an obligation to our readers to properly maintain our websites which includes the links and ads we list on them. A lot of times we add links to our websites because we like the site and find their information valuable both to us and our readers. Sometimes it's just to gain more readers to our websites but for whatever reason we still have obligations. We often get so involved in posting articles and stories that we forget to check all our links periodically. We add links and add links and before you know it we have links on our websites we don't even have time to visit anymore. We end up visiting only a select few out of many that we have listed and the older links fall to the wayside of unused links on our websites. Our websites depict a reflection of who we are and we owe it to our readers to give them our best. I'd like to issue a challenge to all the writers to start by January 1, 2009 and starting with your first link in your list go through each link, leave a brief comment of your visit and if the link doesn't work properly or is pulled remove it from your list. This challenge should be completed by all writers by no later than January 31, 2009. Let's give our readers the respect they deserve and clean up our websites for a more enjoyable viewing and reading.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Could This Be A New Record Buck.

This photo was sent to me by my son-in-law with a caption " Maybe a new world record ". The buck was taken by Rodger Jarvis in Deckard, Tennessee during the last muzzle loader hunt and I just wanted to post it for all to see what a fine buck was taken from Tennessee as we don't have many bucks this size taken here. Congratulations to Rodger Jarvis on such an outstanding buck.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Up Close And Personal ( Concluded ).

The story behind this buck is that he's really not rubbing that tree at all. In all reality that buck is already dead. He was placed by the tree for photos before dressing it out and the photo posted was taken standing over the deer to show the antlers better. This buck was taken by my future son-in-law one morning using 12 gauge slugs and he really didn't even know he had hit the buck until he saw him fall some 60 yards after the shot was made. He didn't know how big the rack really was until retrieving the buck but he knew he was big. Turned out the buck had eleven points total with a eighteen inch spread between the widest point of the main beam. He was hunting a farm he had just acquired for hunting and only knew there was supposed to be some good deer on it. I've been hunting the farm next to it and have yet to see my first deer.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Up Close And Personal?

Have you ever just sit and watched a deer come in to your stand and wonder how close he'll get before scenting you. Now I usually don't use any kind of scent blockers, I smoke while on stand and I move around a bit, all of which I know are bad things to do but check out the buck in the photo above and tell me what is wrong with this picture. I'll give you more information on the picture in my next post just to set the record straight and fill you in on him.

Hunting A New Snowfall.

Monday morning December 1st, a new snow was on the ground. At first daylight I was in my stand trying to bare the elements of the wind and freezing cold. With a temperature of 17 degrees and winds blowing at 5 - 10 mph. it didn't take long for me to decide that I wasn't going to be in the woods long before I was ready to head for the house to warm up. I braved the weather for four hours before giving in to my bodies needs and climbing down from my stand. Slowly I made my way back into the field which was were the truck was parked and then found out that the wind was blowing even worst in the wide open. Luckily my hunting partners were already at the truck waiting on me to come out and came driving to my rescue from the cold.The bad news was the truck didn't have any heat but it did get us out of the cold wind and it wasn't long before we were back home with a hot fire going in the fireplace and trying to warm ourselves back up. Although none of us seen any deer this morning there was another hunter on the farm that took a nice wide six point buck just above my partners stand sites. Above you will find a couple of photos from this hunt.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Sweet Success Of VICTORY.

Saturday morning, November 29, 2008, I got up this morning thinking of going hunting again so as usual I put on the coffee, checked the weather and my e-mails but then it hit me, I just wasn't feeling like going hunting due to having to work a twelve hour shift this night. Instead I set here at the computer writing on my blog about my Thanksgiving morning hunt. Long about 9:00 a.m. my wife told me we had to go to town to pay bills and pick up some vittles ( groceries to you city folk ). At 9:30 a.m. my dad called me up to tell me there were three deer in the lake bed grazing. Now we had two special antlerless quota hunts ( November 28 - December 2 and December 3 - 7 ) which were in conjunction with the regular buck only time frame. However if you were a landowner you could take a doe during this qouta hunt. Now even though I was about to go to town I quickly seized the oppurtunity to capitalize on this moment. I grabbed my rifle, drove to dads house and parked in front so as not to spook the deer, jumped out and moved into shooting position along side the back corner of the house. I raised the rifle as the deer looked on at me and took aim then squeezed the trigger and the doe staggered then bolted off into the thick cover of the grown up lake bed. Pausing just a moment to talk to my dad about the deer I then walked to the lake bed and began tracking blood. Across the field and into the thick growth and brairs, over and down the stream then further out across the grown up lake bed. When I finally found the doe she was at the far side of the lake bed next to the wood line. I worked my way back thru the brush to dads house, got my truck and drove to the other side of the lake bed, loaded my doe and took her to the checking station, got my permanant tag, placed it on the doe then drove home and hung her up in my back yard. After gutting the doe I left her hanging as the weather was cool enough to prevent spoilage. Tuesday I'll have to dress the doe and package the meat for the freezer as Wednesday I have to return to work. The sweet sucess of VICTORY was mine at last and hopefully I'll be able to take a second doe during the second antlerless hunt. Pictured above is my doe in the field.