Saturday, July 21, 2007

Country life-Living The American Dream

Many of us take for granted that when we go to the woods we're out there for the purpose of taking wild game, but the truth of the matter is we're really out there for the peace and quite, the serenity and the relaxation and beauty of the woods and all it has to offer us. Most people in our world today don't even know that kind of feeling you get when your all alone in the woods and everything is quite around you and then it happens, a majestic buck steps out for just a moment to give you a glance of himself as if to say okay now you've seen me and I'm grand master of these woods. This is the kind of things we see and then when season comes around their sixth sense kicks in and they know it's hunting season again so they need to hide as best they can to survive. This is actually not the case, what really takes place is that due to the added pressure of hunters scouting the woods before the season the deer get scared off time and time again. This alerts the deer and the deer begin moving into new areas or thicker brush where they are harder to see and harder to hunt. Many of us hunters today don't think to use any kind of cover-up scent blocker when we go scouting and this is why we see deer while scouting( mainly by pure accident) but when hunting season comes along the big bucks have gone from the area and we usually don't see them again till after hunting season when the pressure has eased off and the human scent has left the woods they use as their home. Most city folks rarely talk about or even think about going to the woods for whatever reason, but there are a few city slickers who weren't always city slickers born and raised, they were born country and raised citified. Citified country folks are just having a hard time remembering their past and getting back to it as often as they would like. Then to there are those who just didn't like the country life and don't want to remember it.For my preference I choose to lead and live a country life full of all the wonders life has to offer me no matter how bad things get and I'll always remain a country boy for as long as God will allow me too.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Dreams of Hunting

Have you ever had a dream of hunting that monster buck and it seems so real that it kind of sticks in your mind all day long? Many hunters have dreams,as I have, that have been reoccurring during their lifetime and just haven't put together the whole big picture about their dreams. Dreams are sometimes the future insight into your world. Dreams do come true sometimes for some of us and we just haven't realized that that big buck we have just taken was one that we had a dream about. So many times we have the same dream over and over again and these dreams are the ones that usually come true for us. Stop and think a minute about a dream you have been having of a hunting trip and taking a really nice buck. Think about the surroundings, the woods, fields,the stand your in and where the buck comes from ( direction to the stand) now put all this together in your head and figure out if this dream was one that has already happened for you or is it one that you'd like to happen. If it's one you'd like to happen then follow that dream to the exact location this fall and make it happen for yourself. Dreams come to us at night from things we read about or do in our lives and wishful thinking, so if you haven't had that dream of taking that one big buck of a lifetime then maybe your not getting a good sound sleep or maybe you need to change your lifestyle and be more active with your hunting activities. A deep sleep is the only place your mind would begin to have a dream and if your sleep is interrupted by something then there goes your dream but if your sleep is uninterrupted and your dream unfolds completely then by all means follow that dream to the exact place and time and take that big buck you've been dreaming of for so long then you can continue on life's journey and all it's graces of goodness. Sweet dreams and happy hunting.