Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Awesome Year of Hunting.

This year was an awesome year for me as far as hunting wild turkey and whitetail deer. I was able to take three wild turkeys and three nice whitetail bucks by the end of the hunting seasons. My freezer is full now and all that is left to do is enjoy the memories of my adventures as I share my bounty with other friends and family throughout the coming year. Turkey season turned out to be an awesome and unfogetting adventure for me this year. I was able to rekindle a childhood friendship with a great buddy of mine that has allowed me access to his farm which he says has never been and will never ever be hunted by anyone else but me. My grandsons were able to go along with me on my hunts this year which made my hunts even more enjoyable and they are now starting into a life long tradition of hunting adventures of their own. The past week or so I have been busy getting things started for my grandsons to take the Hunters Safety Certification course which is now available from compact disk(cd) in our state. I called Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency and acquired two (2) cd's from them for my grandsons training which can be used by anyone else wanting to take the course. All that remains now is to get my grandsons here with the time to sit down and go through the instructional cd and take the test then print a completion form and follow up with a final field day of firearm training test. My whitetail hunting this year was just as enjoyable with my grandsons along for those hunts as well. I also made a new friend from a landowner joining the property I have been hunting when opening day of rifle season my buck jumped the fence onto posted property and I obtained permission to recover my buck after a lengthy conversation with the landowner and even received his help in the recovery. After the buck was processed I carried a large part of that bucks meat to my new landowner friend just to help seal the deal of future hunting rights on his property. All-in-all I've had an awesome year in 2010 and I've already started the year 2011 off planning my spring turkey hunting trips with my grandsons which start here in Tennessee in march for young adults and april for everyone else. I now look forward to my hunting trips with my grandsons every year as they become the best hunters they can be through my knowledge and understanding of this our great outdoors. Teach any kid to hunt and preserve our heritage for years to come. Next time you go hunting take a kid along, you'll be glad you did.