Monday, January 28, 2008

Deers Not The Only Meat----

Well folks the deer season has come and gone with the moment of anticipation passing like a dove flying across the field. Of coarse as with a raccoon in the corn field there's still many more seasons that are open and some that are open year round( at least in Tennessee). Hog hunting is open year round here and many hunters take advantage of this hunting experience to sharpen their skills for deer season and to put a little extra in their freezers. Though I've never hunted the wild hogs, I have given it some thought and my decide to give it a try one day in the near future. Squirrel season and quail season is still open so time allowed I plan on going before the season is over in February. Season after season deer change and give it two weeks after the close of the season is about right for locating the next years buck of a lifetime. I 'm talking about "Shed Hunting", one of the best ways for locating that big buck without disturbing any ones hunting area while their hunting. Shed hunting can be very rewarding even if your not finding any antlers cause your still getting the enjoyment of the outdoors,nature,and the wildlife of Gods great earth undisturbed. I myself don't get out and hunt the shed antlers but I do enjoy after season scouting for old rubs, scrapes and bedding areas which the deer use from one year to the next. Usually around the last of July the deer begin to change over to their winter feeding grounds where they will stay until about the end of January or the first of February. So if your out finding sheds,rubs and bedding areas two weeks after the season closes your in the deers winter grounds. You may not see any deer but come next season you'll know exactly where to set up your stand with little or no difficulty. Get out in the woods and take advantage of the seasons that are still open in your state and find a new place to hunt your trophy buck while you can. Remember deers not the only meat for your freezer,it's just the other red meat we all love.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Returning to my post update

Where do I begin? This could be a very long post which would take you days to read but I think I'll give you the short version of the last three months. To start with I'd like to say it's great to be back posting again as this will relief some of my stress and allow me to talk to my Friends again, so thanks everyone for your comments on my sites. Okay since I left my post in October I've given up my construction business due mainly to the economy and lack of work in my area.I've taken on a factory job again which is against all my wishes (which came with a big cut in my pay scale), so I now make pill bottles for Tri-State Distributors in Sparta, Tn.. A word of good happenings is that my middle daughter,her husband and three grandchildren have moved out once again ( hopefully for good this time). my computer was in the shop and when I got it back most all my files, documents, programs and even my e-mail information was erased and deleted. Now on to the most important aspect which I'm sure by now everyone is wondering about. At last I posted hunting season had just opened and I was having trouble with my dog following me or tracking me into the woods every time I went hunting. Well your advice was taken and my dog was put in the house until I returned which worked really good for me.I managed to hunt the reminder of the season without and problems other then not seeing any bucks at all however we did have a either sex hunt in which I hunted off my parents back balcony deck and was able to call in a young ( fine eating) 60 pound doe at 125 yards. I came close to packing my bags and heading to Deer Camp to hunt "Ol Thunderhoof" for editor but I knew editor wouldn't like it to well if I took his ol friend back to Tn. so I stayed put for at least one more season. Now I can begin looking forward to the 2008 season and finding a new place to hunt which I hope will have a few good bucks on it to hunt. My new job has me working 12 hour shifts now so my writing may suffer some but I'll post as often as possible as I want to get back into the full swing of things again now and visit everyones sites and add as many links on my site as possible. Anyone with new links please let me know and I'll be glad to add them to both my sites. Once again THANKS everyone for the welcomed return.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm back

Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement not to give up hunting or posting. The words were very heart felt and was what brought me back so be prepared for some new writing and updates while I was gone for the past 3 months. Again THANKS to each and everyone of my readers and look for my writings to begin very soon.