Friday, June 19, 2009

OBS Challenge.

I posted my answer to the OBS Challenge on my second website for those interested in reading it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friends of the Net.

Every once in awhile everyone gets an idea about something to write about from a comment left on a post. Monday Othmar left me a comment which put me to thinking about all the friends that I've made over the Internet either here on one of my websites or on my Facebook. Now a body never really knows for sure just what type of person they have leaving comments on their post when it's the first few comments left by that person but sooner or later a inquisitive mind has to check out the background information on everyone leaving comments just to get to know the return visitors a little better. From that point on a relationship is formed and a friend is made usually for life. Many of us who write articles on a website, use Facebook, twitter and other places on the web find friends that we've gotten to know over the years but may never meet. The fact is though that we are still friends with these people and share some kind of close bond with them through our writings and comments. Though our time may be limited on the net we all enjoy checking out sites and commenting on the stories and articles we read and looking for new friends and sites . Even though we may not get to any one specific site everytime we get on the net to leave a comment, the friendship has been made and sooner or later we will always return back to those websites just to remind the writers a friend dropped by for a visit. We've all become such great friends here on the net and one day hope to be able to meet each other in person but until that day happens all we can do is keep reading, visiting websites and commenting. Take time now to renew a visit a friend on the net that you haven't visited in awhile and leave a comment for them just to say hello, They'll be glad you did I'm sure. My next boot-up on blogger I'll be visiting all the sites I can just to renew old friendships until I've visited all those listed on my blogroll and those listed as followers who aren't even writing post but still follow my stories. If I don't get to you on the first round just wait and I'll visit you very soon. Until then keep writing in good health and visit someone today.