Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hunting Rifles--Old to New and Beyond

With all the different calibers and models of rifles on the market today it can be very hard to decide which caliber a hunter should use for his hunting of wild game. In the old days the muzzle loader was the only rifle for hunting large game animals as well as for protection at home. Then they came out with the high powered rifle and changed the hunting world to a new direction making the taking of wild game much easier. With the change over to the high powered rifles also came the over hunting of some species of wild game causing these species to become at an extinction level.Man began to see this drastic change in the hunting game and decided it was time to put limits on the game animals to prevent any further extinction of the wild game.Rifles made it so easy for hunters to take their game that many hunters began to lose interest in the sport and the hunting world saw a increase in the wild game once again so allowing the bans on some species to be removed. Wealthy hunters began hiring guides from different parts of the world to guide them in their quest for some of the more exotic game animals thus creating new jobs . In today's world man has adapted the hunting season to coincide with the game animals mating season to allow hunters the best possible chance of filling his tags. In today's society gun dealers have seen the hunters,gun enthusiast and gun collectors all have such a need for guns that they created gun shows with many different dealers involved so as to give society a wide selection of guns to chose from and the ability to find the rifle or pistol they want and can afford. Whether you buy your gun from a dealer or from an individual you need to make sure that it gets registered by the state which will ensure that if your guns ever get stolen and recovered they can be traced back to the present owner and returned to its rightful owner. Despite what allot of anti-gun propagandist think the rifle will always be a big part of society now and in the future for a long time to come. So long as guns are used properly there should be no reason for them to be ban from our homes.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hunting Rifles---- The Choice is yours

In today's wide world of hunting, most hunters like to begin by using the famous 30-30 Winchester lever action, which in my opinion is on good for shots around 100-150 yards for effective knock down power when hunting whitetail deer. The rifle I choose to use would be either the Remington 25-0-6, Remington 6 mm or the Remington 257 Roberts using a 100 grain nosler or sierra bullet which I know doesn't go through brush very well but they all do a fine job of shooting long range shots and making the kill when that long range shot is presented and called for.I've used allot of different rifles and some with far too much knock down power for whitetail, but these are still by far the rifles of my choice when hunting whitetail deer. Many of you will of course have your own preference of rifles and that's fine as long as you choose a rifle that is appropriate for the terrain your are hunting and one that you are comfortable with when the shot is presented.Remember the best rifle in the world doesn't make the hunter any better than he already is ,it's getting to know your rifle and how it shoots for you that makes the hunter you are. Remember too that being safe in the field and home at all times you handle a gun of any kind is what makes one of the best hunters of today and safety with firearms can never be taken to lightly by anyone young or old. More on rifles to follow up soon.