Saturday, September 8, 2012

Work, Party and Hunting Scheduled.

The weather today is rainy and cool with a temperature of 69 degrees right now and so far this has put a hamper on my work schedule for the day. Was planning on working on my brush cutter and wanted to clear a few trails for easy access to my hunting areas today and I need to get my chainsaw out and running so I can get my winter wood supply in my woodshed refilled also but if this rain keeps up I wont be getting anything done today as planned. Tomorrow I have plans on hunting some ginseng roots as well as other wild herbs which I'll sell later this year for some extra spending cash.Tomorrow afternoon here at my house will be a birthday party for my granddaughter which will probably be just family members showing up for that. Cake, ice cream and screaming girls what else could you want at a birthday party? Should prove to be an interesting day tomorrow if all works out for that. Deer season here in Tennessee opens Saturday September 22, 2012 and thankfully I'll be off work that weekend and excited about going out to start another fun year of hunting. Don't know yet if any of the grandkids will be going with me this year or not but I have got a couple of guys from work wanting to hunt with me so at least I'll have a partner with me while I'm hunting this year in case of an accident( hopefully nothing will as I'm usually always careful and safety minded but you never know). Been looking at a new rifle but haven't decided whether or not its what I want. May wait another year to get one mainly pending the total price I guess. $ 265.00 RIFLE, $ 40.00-$ 70.00 SCOPE, $ 25.00 SHELLS, $15.00 SLING and $ 10.00 SWIVELS -- Total price $ 385.00 plus tax. For now thats about all that comes to mind and I'm sure I've left something out but that can wait for another posting at a later time.