Monday, March 15, 2010

A Spark of New Life.

The year 2010 hopefully will hold more in store for me this year than last year did. This year I'm planning a trip to my old hometown in search of more and new hunting property. I've been on facebook and have chatted with a few of my old classmates that I grew up with. Well it turns out that one of them inherited his grandfathers farm and it just happened to be one that I used to hunt years ago. Anyway the owner told me as we were chatting online that he had over 100 wild turkeys in his backyard ever morning and that there was probably at least 1000 on his farm. Believe it or not he told me to come on down and make myself at home and hunt all that I wanted too. Getting an invite like that just blew my mind but it also got my blood flowing and before I knew it I had my turkey calls out checking their condition. Now I haven't turkey hunted in over 30 years so you can just imagine the condition of my mouth calls. I ended up buying new ones and have been practicing with them for the past three weeks. Now I have to get my hunting licenses and go check out the farm, renew old relationships, find a blind site and see for myself all the turkey he's told me about. Turkey season opens in the latter part of March and runs through April so I've really got my work cut out for myself if I'm going to be ready for opening day. I also have a relative that has expressed a desire to go hunting with me this year so I've sent word to him to get prepared for a hunting season that won't be forgotten. If all works out this year as planned I'll be like a 20 year old again hunting everything I can between fishing trips with the grandchildren. As a dear friend of mine ( Othmar Vohringer ) once stated " Being in the outdoors is the best healing powers for a body " so maybe this is what I needed to rejuvenate my old tired body and get me going in the right direction again. Could this be the year that great things happen to me?, only time will tell but stay tuned for further updates this year to find out.