Thursday, December 11, 2008

Up Close And Personal ( Concluded ).

The story behind this buck is that he's really not rubbing that tree at all. In all reality that buck is already dead. He was placed by the tree for photos before dressing it out and the photo posted was taken standing over the deer to show the antlers better. This buck was taken by my future son-in-law one morning using 12 gauge slugs and he really didn't even know he had hit the buck until he saw him fall some 60 yards after the shot was made. He didn't know how big the rack really was until retrieving the buck but he knew he was big. Turned out the buck had eleven points total with a eighteen inch spread between the widest point of the main beam. He was hunting a farm he had just acquired for hunting and only knew there was supposed to be some good deer on it. I've been hunting the farm next to it and have yet to see my first deer.


Othmar Vohringer said...

Congratulations to your future son-in-law. That is a really nice buck.

deerslayer said...

Thanks Othmar; my son-in-law has taken me hunting to the same farm and has said there are more big bucks there but so far I have seen the first deer doe or buck. Makes me wonder if he's not saving them for hisself.