Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bud and the Weekend

Another weekend come and gone and I was actually off work this weekend. Though I didn't get alot accomplished I did enjoy sitting around home watching tv with the wife just relaxing after a very tense week at work which I almost quit. My dog ( bud )I fear is about to die on us which will be devastating especially to my wife who has been very attached to him since we got him in 1994 as a pup. He has lost weight for the past 4 weeks now, won't eat anything except can food then throws it up as soon as he gets done eatting and has become nothing but skin and bones and can hardly get up to eat. I haven't been able to find him today so tommorrow morning I'll have to get out and look everywhere for him and probably dig his gravesite in preparations for his death. Anyway I was able to add a few of my lost links back and add some new ones that I didn't have before to both my sites. I also done some changes to my ads and will be working more on the sites as time permmits me too. For now my writings are struggling for a topic and infor to write on due to my writing time frame but as it has been in the past that to will pick back up and everything will return to normal. For now my concentration will be on my wife and our dog.

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Jon said...

Sad about your dog! Our dog, Spike, the deer finder, had a ruptured disc and we almost lost him. It looks like he'll recover. I had already started writing a post to his tribute.