Sunday, February 17, 2008

Turkey Season's Coming Quick

Turkey seasons coming so get your guns out and dust them off,grab your turkey calls and practice your calling,get your maps out and pick the perfect place and don't forget to ask for time off from work or from the spouse unless their goning too. These old birds are some hard critters to take but if your lucky enough to get a shot you must be doing something right.Most people get just lucky enough to get one into view then something happens and the whole flock is gone in a flash without even so much as given you a second look. These birds are sly and cunning animals and have the know how to survive. They have out-witted some of the best hunters in the world, but if you pull out all the tricks in your turkey knowledge bag( your brain ) then you might just get the trophy you've wanted on your wall. One of the best tricks I seen yet is a decoy used by Knight & Hale on television to take even the most cunning of wild turkeys. It's a decoy call " pretty boy " and man does it ever work well, especially if your in a ground blind where they can't see any movement. The decoy can be purchased with or without the " pretty girl " submissive hen but believe me if you want that old tom to come in running to you get yourself the pretty boy and the pretty girl set and keep your gun or bow ready. Have a great time in the woods this spring and please everyone be very carefull and safe out there this season. You can find the pretty boy decoys at and sells for around $129.00 for the set.


SimplyOutdoors said...

I'm ready for turkey season this year. Hopefully I can bag my first bird. That would be sweet.

deerslayer said...

Your fist bird is always your most memorable. Good luck and hope he's a big old bird with a big beard and long spurs.