Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shed Antlers.

Okay folks, the deer hunting season is closed now so lets get down to nexts years deer season. The best way to locate that big buck you just never could see but always knew was there is to get out and hunt for his shed antlers.First let me give you some tips and pointers for hunting sheds. 1. Sheds are tough to spot in harsh sunlight so use the cloudy days to hunt sheds. 2. Rainy days are great for hunting sheds cause wet antlers shine. 3. Search for sheds as soon as the snows melt but before the weeds and spring grasses grow up to hide the sheds. 4. Check thinly wooded areas where cattle and other herd animals graze the grass low for easy shed locating. 5. Begin looking for sheds across open fields around the edges of the fields and then begin following the deer trials back into the woods and even into the bedding areas where the bigger bucks stay during the hunting season. 6. Last and most important thing to shed hunting is to wear soft soled boots which makes it easier to feel a heavy shed if you step on one you don't see. When you find a shed antler take note of the location and look around for rubs and scrapes. Finding a shed with lots of rubs and scrapes is an ideal place to set up a stand for next years hunt and the woods are still bear which will make it easier to pick out just the right stand site. Now that your loaded with a few tips to finding shed antlers get out, get started, and enjoy the woods we love to play in.

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