Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Squirrel Season closes

I've been off work for the last 2 days now and was hoping to be able to go squirrel hunting one last time before the season closes. February 29th is the closing day of the squirrel season in Tennessee and also the last day before hunting license expire. I got up this morning to a winter wonderland of new snowfall ( about 3 inches) on the ground so I've decided to enter a new post and leave a few comments today . I been feeling alittle sick lately so I didn't want to get out in the weather and make things worst. All the seasons close the 29th(Friday) but that's okay cause that just means that our new hunting seasons are just getting started and I for one am looking forward to this years hunting seasons. I like to wish everyone a great year this year in all their hunting adventures and hope they have a prosperous one for whatever they are hunting. Rabbit stew might be a good fare for the table tonight with the new snow they should be everywhere and hold up in brush piles. Maybe I'll give them a shot at the dinner table.

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