Tuesday, March 11, 2008

" Hunters for the Hungry " program of Tennessee

"Hunters for the Hungry" is a program set up not just for hunters but for anyone interested in helping the needy families of Tennessee. This program allows hunters to donate either part or all of a deer killed to food banks, soup kitchens, missions and needy families after being processed by a meat processing company registered with the Tennessee Wildlife Federation. Funds are raised by volunteers hosting or sponsoring fundraising events for the program through the Tennessee Wildlife Federation and individuals, foundations, sportspeople, civic clubs and church groups donate money for processing of the deer. Funds are limited for this program so hunters are requested to call and check with the processing company before delivery of their deer for availability of funds. Hunters donating deer to the program may be required to pay a discounted fee of $40.00 to help cover processing if funds are not available through the program at time of processing. All deer processed will be held for pick-up by a local food bank and distributed to needy families of Tennessee. Last year the program took in nearly 25 tons of venison ( 50,425 lbs) and since the rebirth of the program in 1998 hunters have donated some 360,000 lbs of venison feeding nearly 1 million meals to hungry families throughout Tennessee. Statistics show that nearly 11% of children and 19% of elderly go to bed every night hungry. If every hunter was to donate just 1 lb of venison, the program would have 200,000 lbs of meat to feed the hungry. All donors will receive a 1 year complimentary membership to the Tennessee Wildlife Federation magazine as well as having a great feeling in their heart of knowing you've done your part in helping a family in need. Cash donations are also accepted by the Tennessee Wildlife Federation and checks should be marked " Hunters for the Hungry " as well as any certain meat processing company name on the memo line of your check(s). Checks should be made out to Tennessee Wildlife Federation and are therefore considered " tax deductible" by the Internal Revenue Service as this is a 501c (3) organization. Checks can be sent to: Tennessee Wildlife Federation 300 Orlando Avenue, Suite 200 Nashville, Tennessee 37209 Any meat processing company wishing to register for participation in this or any other Federal program can contact the Tennessee Wildlife Federation coordinator at ( 615 )- 353-1133.

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