Thursday, April 3, 2008

Planting time

I've planted some mustard seed here at the house and have to go to dads now and plant some mustard and clover as soon as the weather permits and the ground dries up enough. Dad told me he saw 6 deer the other day in the dry lake bed and he wants to get it planted asap. I'll still plant a second crop for the deer probably in July but haven't figured out yet what I want to plant and I have to clear a shooting lane with the mower across the lake bed. I've found a great looking management area that I may try to hunt this year but it's archery only for adult hunting and it's alittle far to drive to, about 3 hours away but not many people hunting it due mainly to the steep hills and rough terrain. Anyway I'll keep looking for that perfect place and get things ready fdor this years hunt here at home.

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