Friday, August 24, 2012

Tradgic year 2012

I have finally brought myself back to where my fun and joy was lost since what looks like over a year ago. I have returned to my blogs to try to get a grip on my life again and to update everyone of my fellow bloggers as to what ever happen to David Voyles aka Deerslayer. First off I'd like to apologize to each and everyone of the followers and the readers of my post for not at least making an attempt to post something on my sites just to let everyone know I'm still alive and at least halfway kicking.Its been a long and very hard struggle for me this past year or so with all my family illnesses and tragedies. In no certain order-- my wifes bi-polar health took a turn for the worst and she has been in and out of the hospitals with that then my dad had surgery on his prostate and was down for a week or so , one of my brothers had a blood disorder which threatened his life and the topping on the cake for me was the passing of my mom in april this year. All in all the domino effect mounted a massive stress factor on me and was causing my health to falter. Through support from my daughters and their family members I was able to hold on to abit of reality and pass GOD's test for the time being. Though my mom passed away in April I still havent let go of her and broke down nor have I been back to the cemetry since her funeral. Only through the grace of GOD and my closest friends and family was I able to handle caring for my mom just before she passed away and during her funeral. I'm now left with caring for my wife and my dad and the 7 members of my family living in our home. At this time I have so many things going on at home and at my work that I cant seem to have enough time to do much of anything for myself but I am going to try to get back to posting on my blogs again starting with this update. I see blogger has done alot of changes to our sites now too so this may take some going through before I get the hang of things again but I guess it to will pass with time. I'm hoping to be able to get out and do some hunting and fishing this fall but only time will tell that story as the remainder of the year unfolds.

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