Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hunting Farm Lands

If your lucky enough to find such a farm take care of it,cherish the land,trees,fences,gates,game and your right to hunt the property. In the past the farms I' ve hunted without leasing I've always cleaned up trash lying around, mended fences and even offered the owner part or all of the game taken from his property after it was checked in , cleaned and packaged. Even if you don't take game from property you hunt offer the owner some game from your freezer as a gesture of good faith and friendship-remember he was probably a hunter once himself and would probably enjoy some wild game again but just doesn't have the time to go hunting anymore or you might even offer to take him along on one of your hunting trips. Although I have been talking about hunting in general and bow hunting there are more forms of hunting which we will talk about later such as gun hunting and the many different game animals and species of each but for now lets get back to our first and primary topic-hunting wild game. Man has studied many different predatory animals and taken their hunting techniques and applied them to the hunting abilities of man and found out it works very well when applied properly. Remember that no matter whether you hunt big game or small game there are many different techniques you can use to take the game your after. There are many books and magazines with different hunting techniques and tips which are very useful but the ones I favor as the best are "North American Hunter" and "Sports Afield" and although they talk about the different techniques used in other areas and on other game these techniques will work on your game as well when applied properly. No matter which books or magazines you read it all comes down to getting the full knowledge of how these techniques are used and applying the right technique to your hunting situation and remember if one technique doesn't work then try another cause what works on some game may not work on others,so learn as many different techniques as possible.

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