Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hunting -- Knowledge and Timing

Now lets talk alittle bit about time. Time is the key element to hunting. Being in the right place at the right time is the key factor to being successful at hunting. For this reason alone you need to get out and study the terrain. Take in as much knowledge about the terrain as possible.Food availability,water sources, fields, fences,old rubs, funnels, escape routes, trails, cover and bedding areas all play an important role in your success of hunting.Many trips to the woods will be necessary to perceive all the knowledge necessary for you to advance your skills and techniques which will allow you to become the best possible hunter you can be and though this knowledge of the terrain you hunt you will be able to predict just where the game will travel at different times of the year, weeks and days. You can even predict the games time down to hours and minutes which means you will know what time to be in what stand to make your kill at any given time of day. Hunting can be a fun, enjoyable and memorable sport but only if you follow all the rules of the state laws and safety rules as well. Remember you don't have to harvest game every time you go hunting to have a great memory and adventure, just take along another safe hunting partner and remember the great time the two of you had while on you trip. Hunting with a partner is always the safest way to hunt. You should try to find a partner to hunt with that can be a "partner for life" . What I mean is find someone that enjoys hunting as much as you do. Someone who has the same code of ethics you have and follow, someone you trust to show and share your favorite hunting spots with and know they will take care of the property and game. Someone that you can trust not to disclose the location of your " honey hole " to anyone else except in emergency situations. Remember hunting with a partner could save your life one day.

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