Monday, January 1, 2007

Hunting--Safety and First Aide

Accidents can happen at any given time and its always good to have a partner that can get emergency help if needed.Its also a good idea to tell someone at home where or which farm you are going to be hunting just in case an emergency comes up at home that your needed for.Two way radios are a good thing to have while hunting with a partner so you can keep in touch with each other while separated and are very inexpensive to buy. These can be bought at any sports shop, discount store, convience store or electronics store such as "Radio Shack". A small medical supply kit or first aide kit is another item that should be carried in your vehicle for emergencies and can include such things as aspirin, bandages, tape, sterile gauge, saline water to wash the wound out, tweezers, and anti biotic ointment such as neosporene. You can buy a complete first aide kit for about $25.00 or you can get a plastic box with a lid and buy anything you need to make your own first aide kit from your local pharmacy. Some hunters buy and carry fanny packs to keep their first aide supplies in as well as other hunting possibles they may need while they are far away from their vehicle or they come across another hunter in the woods needing medical attention. Hopefully if you and your partner follow the safety rules of the field you'll never need to use your first aide kit but its nice to have just in case .Don't forget to check the contents from time to time to replenish anything you may use such as aspirin and remember while checking the contents to check also the expiration dates as some items do expire and will need to be replaced. If the expiration date is not quite yet expired but soon will go ahead and replace that item anyway so you don't forget to when it does expire. Keep your kit in good order and up to date and it will be a great value to you if ever it is needed. If you ever use your first aide kit in the field be sure to follow up at home and keep a close eye on the wound. Infection can still set in if not properly cared for. A barb wire fence, a thorn bush, a splinter from a wooden stand or old barn your hunting from can all carry germs and poisons which can cause infections deep within your wound and get into the blood stream causing very serious medical problems within just hours or days of the incident happening,so if it looks like it's getting worst get professional medical attention immediately it could save your life or a limb.


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