Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hunting --- Young Adults

For the sake of readers from this point forward I wish to address all kids in my articles as "Young Adults " . Young adults in todays world everywhere need adult supervision and guideience to help prevent them from becoming involved in drugs, gangs, sex and crimes of todays world. It should be an objective for all adults to try every way possible to get young adults involved in an activity that interest the young adult. By involving young adults in activities either one you enjoy or one they enjoy and you support, your helping keep young adults off the streets and out of troublewith the law. When I began deer hunting some 30 + years ago I took on the task of hunting with young adults in my neiborhood and created a circle of friends that instead of going to town getting into trouble would go to town early to the sporting goods store then meet their buddies at one of trheir homes to sit and discuss hunting tactics and stories. This is how they came to earn my respect and why I call all young hunters " Young Adults. As these young adults grew older they in turn would involve and educate the young adults to the great world of hunting thus the group would grow and the knowledge passed on and expanded to new hunters. Young adults learned an invaluable lesson of life, sporting good stores thieved, hunting was good and poaching in our neck of the woods was almost never heard of happening. Young adults are an essential part of our hunting society today so remember to promote and educate our young adults every chance you get whether they are yours or someone elses. Some young adults may be harder to teach and educate but in the long run it will all be worth while and educating our young adults about hunting keeps our hunting heritage moving in a forward and positive direction for us all. So with one last note everyone please don't forget to ensure our young adults are " Hunter Education Certified " it's the law.


Editor said...

thanks, will print this for my kids.

deerslayer said...

Thanks for the help Rex and please pass on the experience and words of wisdom not only to your young adults but to all you meet throughout your lifetime and my god bless you and yours with many years of hunting to come. Thanks for the comment.