Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hunting - Deer stands & blinds (part 1 of 2 )

In todays world of hunting there's a very wide variety of deer stands and blinds. All of which are very different yet also very similar. It all depends on the terrain your hunting, the type trees your stand will be on and the situation your in as to what type of set-up you need for your hunting adventure. When it comes time to choose a stand or blind be sure to check out as many different types and styles as possible. Many of the higher grade sporting good stores offer free catalogs which advertises a full line of deer stands and blinds with full descriptions of the product. You can go online to just about any of the product manufacturers to find more information and then theres my favorite online sporting good shop such as . Remember to keep in mind all the aspects I mentioned above and give some actuall thought before purchasing your deer stand or blind cause most all these stands and blinds are made to last a lifetime. If this is your first deer stand or blind you might try talking to some of your hunting partners or sporting good store clerks which usually are helpful but can't always answer all the questions you may have, but then too your hunting partners will most likely only be able to give you advice on the deer stands or blinds that they use and catalogs can only give you descriptions not answers to your questions. Tripods, climbers, loungers, ladder platform, non-climbers used with a ladder or screw in steps and homemade wooden deer stands are all options however with the technology of today homemade wooden deer stands are a thing of the past and the main reason is safety (broken rungs or steps or falling out of the stand). homemade wooden deer stands are not a good choice at any cost and should not be used even if it looks safe they are still dangerous.

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