Thursday, July 31, 2008

Deer Season Preparations ( Part 2 ).

Perhaps the best time of year to begin scouting your hunting property is 2 weeks after the close of the last hunting season. Though you have your existing hunting areas where you know you can see deer, it's always a good bet to take alittle time to check the woods and fields for just one more place to try to take a real trophy. Maybe the hunting area your using is producing some nice deer but there's always some place that holds that trophy of a lifetime and even though that trophy may not be on property you have permission to hunt, there are ways to persuade that trophy to your property. There's alot of ways to scout your hunting properties but for me it's good ole fashion leg work. Getting out walking through the woods and fields looking for shed antlers, old rubs, old scrapes and big tracks and just being able to enjoy the great outdoors in itself is all worth the leg work whether I find a good trophy to hunt or not. Alot of people are using field cameras (game cameras ) to do their scouting which works really well and prevents human odors from spooking the game out of the area. Game cameras give you lots of photographs so you know exactly what your hunting and can even give you a time schedule as to when to hunt that particular area but for me this would take all the fun and excitement out of wondering what will come by my stand. For many hunters, they see deer or are told of deer someone else has seen and that's where they hunt, These people almost always have a long hard season trying to take just one deer and could do so much better just by doing alittle scouting for themselves. Scouting is a key asset to being successful year after year and finding that trophy of a lifetime that could just be in your neck of the woods.

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Kristine said...

Getting out and walking the property where you hunt is also good exercise. So, you get to find the deer and you get in better shape. It's a twofer!