Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Is Coming.

Wild hogs, wild turkey or shed antler hunting? Just when you thought you were going to get a break and catch up on some work around home you discover it's just starting all over again. For many outdoor enthusiast, the spring thaw is the beginning of another year of outdoor adventures. A time to renew old friendships and make new ones. Just as the weather begins to warm up for the first time in months everyone begins to get the spring fever and wants to get outdoors for the fresh air and a little relaxing time away from all the work. It doesn't matter whether your hunting shed antlers, watching birds, checking your fields or just going for a walk in the woods looking at the wild flowers. Spring is a great time to enjoy life outdoors. Here in Tennessee there are several hunting seasons opening to the hunters that may want to take advantage of the spring thaw such as wild feral hog or wild turkey and even an early spring squirrel season. Those of us who want to take on a new adventure this year can take advantage of the early hunting seasons or can set out engaging our new adventure with a friend who already knows about our chosen adventure.I, myself have decided to try hunting wild feral hogs this year and have researched them on the internet, as well as around the area with some of the local farmers and TWRA ( Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency ). I found a 500 acre farm of which I acquired permission to hunt and found out that they have taken some nice hogs of around 250 - 300 pounds from the farm last year while thinning out the group. I have plans on trying to take my hogs with a bow to start out and if this plan fails I'll go to the rifle. I've been offered the opportunity to go horse back riding on the farm while hunting for hogs but this may be alittle more challenge then I want not knowing how the horses will react. Although spring has shown it's face several times and the flowers and trees are blooming it's not quite over yet and I've still got alittle work to do before I'm ready for my first hog hunt. We,re in the dogwood winter now with blackberry winter quickly approaching then spring and the warm weather it brings will be here and I for one can't wait. Springtime and the beauty it brings is soon upon us so get out there and enjoy the outdoors again this year and be safe during your adventures.


Albert A Rasch said...

There's nothing like horse back hunting hogs! I've done it few times when I was a little younger, and it was a ball.

You cover a lot a terrain and the hose doesn't spook hogs.

Now I'm not talking about shooting off a horse's back, that's awhole nother ball of wax.

Here is one that I wrote about:

Hog Hunting on Horseback
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deerslayer said...

Albert; That was one of the greatest stories I think I've ever read. After reading your story it makes me want to go in the morning but I'm just not set-up and ready yet. I appreciate your visit and comments and look forward to reading more of your stories this year. Good luck and be safe this year.

JOE TODD said...

Have fun and enjoy the spring,,Will be interested to hear how the hunting goes

deerslayer said...

Thanks Joe Todd, besides deer hunting hog hunting may become my next pastime adventure in the woods if I can learn how to field dress them and process them. I need to get a camera to take along on my hunts so I can add photos to my blogs. I'll post about my hunts as I go once I get started.

Anonymous said...

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