Monday, July 6, 2009

Preping For Deer Season.

I've finally slowed down enough to start back writing on my blog again. Just to fill everyone in on whats been going on with me is as follows. First I've been busy with catfishing with my grandchildren, second I've built a new deer blind at my dads place which will be shared by my grandchildren this year along with a food plot ( though not very big ) that is now ready for the seed to be sown and covered then third I've had to take on doing alot of the work at my parents home due to their diminishing health ( cutting the grass, weed eatting, plumbing, painting,etc. etc. etc.)which is going to take up more of my time then I had planned on or was wanting but hey they raised me now its time for me to return the gift. My daughter was to be married back in June but that got postponed with no set date in mind and still no place to live but my home. Looks like I have a live-in for life if I don't set my foot down and make her find a place of her own. I'm going to try to get pictures of the deer blind and the food plot for my hunting website before deer season opens. I'll be practicing with my bow from now until deer season opens in September and hopefully if the right moment presents itself I'll be ready. I've marked the yardage off on my food plot with a tape measure so as to take all the guess work out of my shooting distance on the plot and have three deer trails coming in on it now. Regardless of where the deer enter or exit the field they have to come by my blind. With all the work I have ahead of me now I'll do my best to continue to post on all my websites for all to read.

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