Friday, August 21, 2009

Gone Far Too Long.

Where to begin this post is the deliema. By looking around (rather quickly ) I can see that I've been gone far too long from my blogging. Things have been happening that I just couldn't imagine. Anyway that is the past and done with, nothing I can do about that but on the other hand here on the home front I've been busy with work around home and at my parents and then there was the big face off with my live-in daughter and her boyfriend which finally ended in me putting them out of the house after the boyfriend knocked holes in my walls with his fist. That was the breaking point I just couldn't stand for any longer so they had to go. My deer food plot has been planted and is growing with leaps and bounds ( looking great ). The deer are just starting to find their way to it as they change their seasonal routes ( 5 deer-4 does and one small 12 inch spike buck so far ). Rabbits, squirrels and birds of all kinds are also using it. I ended up planting rape, buckwheat and cinnamon red clover but the clover came up in small patches. If the food plot works the way I hope it will next year I'll be adding more clover to the outer edges of the plot and possibly another plot across the field. September 26th is the big day here in Tennessee for bow season and I can't wait for it to get here and the good thing is I've checked my calendar and found out that I'm off work for almost every opening day of every season this year so I won't have to put in for vacation days off. This weekend is free hunting day here in Tennessee and opening day of squirrel season but I'll be working and usually wait till the leaves have fallen off the trees before I go for those wiley varmints due to using a 22 rifle for head shots. I'll try to do more post more often now so I don't get tossed to the wayside by my readers but for now I'll just visit some of my blogroll friends and renew old acquaintances that I've missed.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to your posts and good luck hunting.

Albert A Rasch said...

The trials and tribulations of today's children... That boy sounds like e might be a heap of trouble. Be prepared.

I hope that tings will get better for you and feel free to get in touch with me anytime.


deerslayer said...

Rick; I've had kind of a writers block and a lost of thought on my hunting and fishing but I'll recover from it I'm sure. Thanks for the visit and best of luck to you too.

deerslayer said...

Albert; I've known this boy for several years now and you're right he is trouble but what can you do when your daughter says she loves him and wants to be married to him but give her you honest opinion of him and hope she listens to you. Thanks for the concern and the advice and being a contact for help. Thanks to for the visit it was deeply appreciated as is always. Hope you limit out this year and good luck.

Anonymous said...

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