Monday, August 27, 2012

Freezer Filling Time Again.

With deer season starting up here in Tennessee in just a month from now hunters everywhere are running around preparing for another great year of filling their freezers. Deer are plentiful this year which means hunters shouldn't have any problem filling their tags not to mention other wild game such as dove, squirrel, turkey, hogs, ducks and geese. Though I've had a tradgic year starting out this year my plans are still to fill my freezers with wild game. With the season just a month away it,s time to make final preparations for opening day. I have a couple of stands to put up and a blind to move then Ill be pretty well ready and set to begin my season with my bow. Later during bow season I'll be checking my provisions for muzzleloader season and of couarse making sure its sighted in properly. I've heard shots around the community of other hunters sighting in their guns so I know I'm not the only hunter getting excited about the upcoming seasons. Many of you out there are probably doing the same thing or have already prepared everything ahead of schedule. Right now I just like to wish everyone a safe, enjoyable and bountiful hunting year this year. Good hunting and GOD BLESS you all.


James said...

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Donald said...

It is time to prepare our gear, fridge filling time is the best time of the year for a hunter!