Monday, October 20, 2008

Mid-Day At Brushy Ridge.

Well as I stated in my last post I was thinking that the deer are moving during the mid-day hours and was going to try hunting Brushy Ridge. I made it to Brushy Ridge and began my long slow journey into the vast thick brush around 12:30- 1:00 p.m.. As I traveled through the woods, the leaves were crunching under my footsteps and rustling which made my travels even slower than I wanted. I looked for any signs that the deer were still in the area and found a scrape underneath a fair sized maple tree which had also been used to leave the bucks scent on the limb overhanging the scrape. The scrape seemed to be relatively fresh so I made a ground blind just beyond it in an area just off to the side of the trail. I sat there all evening long and saw two deer ( one doe, one buck ) but could only count part of the points on the buck due to the thick cover the deer were in. The deer never came out into an open and clear shooting lane for the fifteen minutes I watched them before they left my sight. As darkness began to fall upon me it was getting to dark to see my sight pins so I headed for the truck. Just my luck the deer were still in the area and were spooked as I moved out to go home for the evening. Though I spooked the deer, I don't think they were spooked to badly cause neither of them blowed as they left the area. Best I could tell the buck had 6-7 points on his right side and if he is a typical buck should have the same on the left. I figure this buck is worth my time to hunt all season if possible and will do my best to take the buck before the close of deer hunting season this year.

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