Saturday, August 9, 2008

Deer Season Preparation ( Part 5 ) .

Selective deer Management began in the early 1900's by the Game and Fish Commission in hopes of creating a larger, healthier population of deer. Today there is an estimated 28 million white-tailed deer across the North American continient. Selective Deer Management is best described by me as the selective taking of undesirable deer to create a healthy herd with large, massive bucks of older age groups being produced through the planting of nutritional crops in near future years. Selective Deer Management has played a key role in helping to create a healthy herd that can now be managed by the hunter as to the type of deer the hunter takes. Though not every hunter uses Selective Deer Management on his herd this could be due to a number of reasons--- 1. the hunters herd is not believed to be large enough for selective deer management, 2. the hunter is not educated about selective Deer Management, 3. the hunter does not care to use selective deer management on his herd or 4. the hunters property is only a crossing point for deer and does not hold deer so the hunter sees no need for selective deer management. Whatever the case may be we as future hunters, old hunters and those wanting to be hunters should all educate and stress the case to everyone that Selective Deer Management does work for everyone and is for the good of all the deer herds big or small and should be used at all times for a healthy herd for all to enjoy, even the nature lovers.

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