Sunday, August 31, 2008

Deer Season Preparation ( Part 7 ).

You know this day and time it seems everybody is producing some kind of product for hunting whitetail deer. The problem is you have to be a millionaire to be able to afford all these products or be and older hunter who has been collecting these products as they came out. Now let's talk just a bit about deer decoys. It started out that someone came up with the idea of a Styrofoam deer to practice archery shooting at and from there went on to field decoys. The field decoys were then improved year after year until present day decoys that look so much like deer that even the most experienced hunters have trouble telling the difference. Deer decoys work really well when properly placed in the field or woods and deer are present. Their lightweight and easy to pack into any hunting area and set-up fast. Though I don't use the decoys for practice or in the field myself, I would have to say I believe them to be an added advantage to any hunters inventory and arsenal in being able to take deer. With proper care and storage for the decoy most of them will last for years which makes the cost of one a great value and would pay for itself over time.


Matt said...

Glad to see you're getting ready for another hunting season and still blogging about it!

deerslayer said...

Matt; I really appreciate the visit. I've been thinking about this years deer season for some time now and figured I'd go ahead and try to get everyone fired up for it early on with a group of preparation ideas.