Friday, September 5, 2008

Deer Season Preparation ( Part 8 ).

This year as you did your scouting you may have came across a really good buck or you've found some old rubs from last year that have told you there was a really big buck in the area. Perhaps you've been dreaming of taking a trophy buck this year or you've been watching you're herd tring to locate a trophy buck. The real question is " What exactly constitutes a buck as a trophy? " . To many a trophy buck is one that ranges from the 150 - 190 class on the scoring system but in my book I believe that any deer could be a trophy. It really depends on the hunters preference and standards. Sure they have record books for trophy deer but just because your deer doesn't make the record books doesn't mean that it's not a trophy. Your first buck would definitely be a trophy and to me anything larger then what I've got on the wall would be a trophy. Perhaps you've been hunting a particular deer for the last couple of years now and you finally take him this year, that would be a trophy buck. It doesn't really matter the size of the deer all that matters is that you've taken a buck that you consider to be a trophy. Everybody has different thoughts when it comes to classifying a buck as a trophy but to me it's still up to the hunters standards. If I wanted a real classifying trophy I'd go on a guided hunt for a monster buck and be paying alot of money for it but myself I enjoy hunting the smaller ones in my own neck of the woods and keep hoping for one bigger then whats on my walls now. It keeps me happy, it saves me lots of money and you never know when that monster buck ( that could make the record books )will show up in your neck of the woods.


shimniok said...

I think that is a great philosophy! For me the starter hunter, my first buck will be a trophy! :)

I'm not so big into hunting for the trophy at this point anyway, but I like the idea of hunting the smaller ones around my area and keeping an eye out for the monster. There's no way I can afford the guided hunt, etc.

Best of luck this year!


deerslayer said...

Hey Shimniok; Been some time since I've heard from you here. Yeah the trophy hunting is expensive for the guided hunts and I'm like you I'll wait till that trophy walks by my stand. Glad to hear from you again and thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. GOOD LUCK TO YOU TTHIS YEAR AS WELL AND HOPE YOU GET A BIG ONE.