Sunday, September 14, 2008

Deer Season's Upon Us.

Deer season here is just 2 weeks away and I 've just finished posting a 10 part version to Deer Season Preparation which I follow every year. Though everyone probably has their own way of preparing for the season, this I hope will get everyone fired up and in the mood to go hunting this year. I'm expecting to read alot of great stories from everyone about their adventures of hunting and of coarse there's always those of you with a good tale and a laugh for us as well. I deeply appreciated all my readers and look forward to visiting each and every one of you this year. Though I've had some rough times this year early on I feel I owe it to my readers to continue my blogging and give my support to everyone as they have supported me when I needed them most. Here's wishing the very best for everyone of you, a safe and prosperous year of hunting this year. Please think to try to take a family member, friend or new acquaintance hunting with you this year and show them how to continue our great heritage of hunting as it was handed down to us by our fore-fathers and to care for the lands as we have done ourselves in the past.

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