Friday, August 29, 2008

Deer Season Preparation ( Part 6 ).

Today there is a vast array of different types of deer calls on the market with each one claiming to bring in that monster buck of a lifetime. The problem is none of these calls can really tell you for sure if your even going to see a deer when you go hunting even if you use their product. There are alot of various factors that have to come into play before you can even see as much as a doe much less a buck. Then the buck you see may only be a spike,a yearling,a small six pointer or a non mature 8 or 10 pointer that really should be left for another year or two before harvesting. At best regardless of the type of deer call you purchase and use in your hunting area, a deer call can only claim to help better your chances of seeing deer ( when used properly ) provided that all the factors come into play during the time your in the field or woods hunting. What type of call does one buy to hunt deer? Well that brings into play alot of questions you have to answer for yourself. Are you hunting bow gun or muzzle loader season? Is it pre- rut,rut or post- rut season? Are you hunting fields, valleys, hills or woods? Is it a heavy rain falling, snowing, sunny or windy? These are all questions you should take into consideration before you purchase any deer call and you might even want to ask a few of the more experienced hunters in your area for advice on buying a good deer call and the type they use and their success in using them. Just remember this thought though, " What works for one person may not work for another ". Even though you buy a good deer call it only works when you've put all the factors together and have become effective in using it as it is intended. To much calling and you run the risk of running the deer off,not enough calling and you may not get the deer to come in to you and then using the call improperly and making the wrong call could run the deer out of the area also. Practice makes perfect and you don't have to be in the woods or field to do this and you don't want to go out and buy a deer call today and go straight to the woods with it before practicing with it either. A great number of hunters out there don't even use deer calls and do quiet well every year, so please choose wisely and put a great deal of thought into the type (s) of deer call (s) you buy before you buy your first one.

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